Sustainable Reefing with Ocean Ceramics!

Here at Ocean Ceramics we specialize in manufacturing ceramics for marine aquariums.


Ceramics in the aquaria have many advantages over other materials, especially in the marine reef environment. Using ceramics can replace the need for live rock which reduces pressure and destruction on our natural reefs making our hobby more sustainable.


Ceramics are not only a good sustainable option, but they are also safer. By avoiding the use of live rock, you will also eliminate the risk of importing unwanted hitch hikers into your tanks which can cause severe problems in the aquarium.


Our ceramics have been designed and made especially for the aquatics trade, all of which have been designed in house by our staff who have been keeping reef tanks since 2000 and understand the high and complex demands that the rock must conform to.


Our rock is all designed to be porous so that it can be used as a direct replacement for live rock and will in time become live and become a very efficient biological filter, as well as being a sustainable option. Ocean Ceramics rock is also an economical option as the ceramics are extremely strong and are inert so will not corrode or wear in the aquaria meaning they will last many years and can be used in tank after tank making them a good investment.









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